Market Overview: Amman Hotels

Amman is modern and ancient capital of Jordan, and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It’s now inhabited by more than 4 million people. Amman had a total of 140 hotels by the end of 2015 with different classifications from One-Star to Five-Stars.Amman’s 140 hotels have a capacity of 10,778 rooms and 19,453 beds in which 10% of them are five stars with 3,950 rooms and 6,366 beds.

With an average occupancy rate of 46%, Amman with its different hotels classifications had 1,115,537 overnight visitors, 43% of them were Arabs and 19% were Jordanians. The 14 Five-Starshotels are led by Intercontinental Hotel with the highest number of rooms (440 rooms), while the lowest number of rooms for a Five-Starshotel was for the Bristol Hotel with 170 rooms.

Demand on hotels varies from season to season. In Amman, Spring is the highest season,and Autumn is the lowest.

The market overview provides a number of key figures and facts covering the following areas:

  •  Country Overview
  •   Amman’s History
  •   Amman’s Location
  •   Amman’s Climate
  •   Amman Hotels  
  •   Key Performance Indicators of Amman hotels.


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