Business Agility Transformation


The world of work and business is changing ever more rapidly. To remain relevant, grow and thrive, and deliver customers' expectations, businesses must be high-performing, adaptable and agile. Business Agility empowers organisations to realize the highest value in a shorter amount of time, in a sustainable and predictable manner, with the highest quality. This is because organisations with Business Agility are able to respond to change in a customer-focused manner, across all aspects, from individual teams to the enterprise-level.


Do you recognise any of these in your organization?


  •   Business planning takes longer than the development and delivery process.
  •   Product delivery is delayed because marketing takes too long.
  •   Support is poor, and resolutions are not communicated on time.
  •   Human Resources is not able to hire or retain the right people.
  •   Money and time are lost in the product itself, not only the delivery and deployment process.
  •   Customers don't use the features delivered, because the right features haven't been built.


Why choose PKF for the Agile transformation mission?


Our highest priority is to help satisfy our clients, and their customers, through early and continuous delivery. To realize these agile concepts, we can help you to build an agile methodology unique to your company, or to use a hybrid approach to bring maximum benefit to your projects.

We are experts in Lean Management, Architecture, Advanced Product Management and Product Discovery.

We work in small delivery increments, so we can continuously adjust to what is needed, enabling business to undertake change to direction at low cost.

We focus on building organizational momentum through an enabling, agile and adaptive strategy strongly linked to execution, and aligned to a clear vision and purpose.


What do we offer?


Business Agility Assessment. This is the start of a Business Agility transformation. Our customized assessment to examines your organization's overall progress towards true business agility.

Providing Agile Training, Coaching, and Mentoring of teams and individuals to build agile skills and capabilities, increase efficiency, enabling value and flow to continuously improve.

We provide a solid foundation for Business Agility with the Disciplined Agile tool kit from the Project Management Institute (PMI), since we know that "One Size Does Not Fit All", so organizations can choose their Way of Working through implementing Disciplined Agile.

Value Stream Mapping, to enhance processes and procedures. Value Stream Mapping is an activity that catalogs the steps in the work producing a product or delivering a service. It reveals where the interfaces are between activities, as well as the times involved in and between process steps.

We help organizations to improve end to end cycle time and frequency of capability delivery.

Automating business agility workflows using various tools e.g., Jira and more.



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