Data Analytics, Visualization, and Management

Unlock the value of your Data:

Today’s CEOs know that the effective management and exploitation of information through IT is a key factor in business success, and an indispensable means of achieving a competitive advantage. The problem is, data is often kept scattered across networks, at the local level, or is duplicated and is in a format that makes it difficult to understand. Our Data Analytics, visualization and management expertise addresses these problems and needs, providing a strategic overview of performance in response to the constantly changing needs of the business environment, enabling businesses to use their data to predict the future.


Why PKF?

Our Data Analytics, visualization and management expertise enables us to make your Data more interactive, and change the way you see your Data. We have experience in delivering KPIs and Dashboards aligned to our clients’ needs, to easily visualize their data, providing easy analysis of factors affecting business strategy, functions, key business processes, and performance.

We use our effective method of execution for success: Business Understanding, Data Collection, Data Preparation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Agile Modelling, Model Evaluation, and Model Deployment. We work with our clients' teams to establish a Transition Plan, making sure their data is in their hands.


What do we offer?

(Enterprise) Data Warehouse establishment:

A Data Warehouse provides a single, more effective platform on which to report and manage data, combining data from all the other databases in the environment, providing a single source for users to obtain data, and making it easier to control security, rather than controlling security on each database.

We help organizations to improve business outcomes with the power of data, through consulting:

  • We can help you close the gap between strategy and execution through greater organizational alignment and strategy adoption.
  • We can help you identify the area of business performance you wish to measure.
  • We can advise on establishing an appropriate interval between each KPI review.
  • We can take you from KPIs to Objective Key Results (OKRs), establishing high-level team or company goals, to ensure you are reaching far enough, providing tools to ensure that the OKRs and their achievement status is transparent to all, ensuring that all staff are aligned towards the overarching goals.

As part of our Knowledge Transfer service, our team will provide sessions for:

  • Installation and configuration details of analytical database
  • ETL architecture, data flow and implementation methods used
  • Implementation of Reports & Dashboards



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