Eng. Abdalrhman Alayan




Qualifications Summary

Eng. Abdalrhman has practical experience in the field of Water and Wastewater Treatment, in addition to his experienced use of a number of software used in analysis and design in the fields of Environmental Engineering such as SWMM, HEC_HMC, Water CAD, EPANET, GIS and AutoCAD.

Eng. Abdalrhman worked on several technical and research projects that included the maintaining multiple experimental wastewater facility stages as well as participating in the writing of feasibility study for a decentralized wastewater treatment pilot plant. Moreover, Eng. Abdalrhman worked with research teams on topics related to wireless sensor networks for hydrological monitoring, and the development of a calibrated rainfall-runoff model.  He has also knowledge in the fields or water resources management, air pollution control, solid waste management, and environmental impact assessment.

Eng. Abdalrhman received a certificate for AutoCAD Certified Professional certificate as well as his participation in several technical workshops, in addition to receiving several scholarships for his extraordinary academic performance during his study years. Furthermore, he spent an exchange semester in Germany where he also gained experience while working for the biggest water board in Germany, and he graduated among top of his class.

Eng. Abdalrhman is fluent in Arabic, English and German. He is proficient in the use of computer and Internet applications.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Science, Water and Environmental Engineering, German Jordanian University, Jordan.




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