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Suzan Ibraiwesh

Business Development Officer








Qualifications Summary

Suzan is an officer in the Business Development department at PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq. She has twelve years of experience in projects management and business development. She implemented projects according to different donors' standards and criteria. The projects that she managed had many partners and stakeholders. She is expert in liaising among all partners in order to ensure implementing the projects’ components according to the planned time frame and the allocated budget. It is worth mentioning that the government and semi-governmental bodies were partners in those projects.

Suzan’s experience and qualifications extends across various industries including but not limited to: information technology, training, marketing and social marketing, PR and communication, real-estate, logistics and Non-Profit organizations. She worked with companies and teams from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Suzan is certified in social marketing and behavioral change from The National Social Marketing Centre, UK.

As an officer in the Business Development department, Suzan is responsible for managing the existing pipeline and the development of new business opportunities.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, The Hashemite University, Jordan





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