Eng. Tala Ghaleb Masoud



Qualifications Summary

Eng. Talah has three years of experience in quality control and assurance, as well as writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and technical reports. She has also worked with High Performance liquid chromatography and Atomic absorption spectrophotometry instruments. She is experienced in plant design and drawing process flow charts. Her experience in the environmental field with diverse experience and demonstrated expertise in assessment, as well as technical support and the development of innovative solutions in alignment with business objectives she is highly educated in a wide range of software and computer applications.

Eng. Talah has worked on carbon footprint evaluation for Jordan's waste sector; she is well-versed in solid waste management, including landfilling, composting, incineration, and recycling. Besides her knowledge in sanitary landfill design.

At PKF Jordan Talah contributes to the development of several feasibility studies and market research studies in various market sectors. In addition to human resources projects such as manpower planning, succession planning, competency matrix preparation, and training need assessment.

Eng. Talah is fluent in Arabic and English.



  • Master's degree in Civil Engineering/Water and Environment, University of Jordan, Jordan.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, University of Jordan, Jordan.


Memberships of Professional Bodies 

  • Jordan Engineers Association




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